Agile Bridge Building

After yet another session of re-explaining the bleeding obvious to thunderous silence, I decided on a fresh approach.

Commonly, we Agile practitioners start by explaining that software is not like building bridges.  Building bridges is expensive, labour-intensive, and there’s really only one opportunity to get it right.  “Big design up front” is deemed absolutely necessary, even though it doesn’t guarantee a successful outcome.  We might even show them the hilarious (but fake) picture of a bridge that doesn’t line up where it’s supposed to meet.

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SonarQube and Continuous Delivery Versioning

Sonar is a very good static/dynamic source code analysis tool, which I’ve used for a number of years; however, since evolving from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery, there are a couple of annoying limitations I’ve had to work around.

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Continuous Delivery with Jenkins

For various reasons, I’ve been working lately on projects where Jenkins is the only available build software and yet there’s a requirement to employ the Continuous Delivery model of software build & release.

However, despite its limitations, you can achieve something close to Continuous Delivery using the relatively new Build Flow plugin.

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Why we write tests… a cautionary tale

For those of us who practice Agile development, I propose a new hero. Not Martin Fowler, nor Uncle Bob (sorry guys) but Ignaz Semmelweiss, the Austrian physician.

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Adding plugins to Gerrit

This was more painful than I expected, even knowing that it required building both the plugin and Gerrit itself from source.

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